For many older adults, assisted living facilities are the perfect answer to their housing dilemma when living by themselves is no longer an option. Designed to help individuals who are fairly independent, assisted living can provide a long-term senior housing solutions that keep older adults healthy and active. In general, assisted living offers basic medical monitoring and help with actives of daily living (ADL'S) for individuals who require only a small amount of care. These services may include:
  • Daily meal preparation 
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Medication management
  • Transportation services 
  • House keeping services
  • Health and exercise programs
  • Social programs
  • Access to medical services when needed 
Because licensure and regulations vary from state to state, not all facilities will be the same. For example, some assisted living facilities may be attached to a nursing home which allows for a smooth transition from one level of care to another if and when it is needed. Cost also needs to be considered when choosing the community that is right for you or a family member. Many communities charge a basic flat rate that cover all of the services offered. However, rates can be determined by a number of factors such as, the type of residence needed, the size of the apartment, the services that are needed and where the location of the assisted living community is. Certain amenities may also require an additional fee if it is not offered as part of the assisted living package. 
Today, assisted living facilities are the fastest growing long-term housing/care options for older adults and for many it is exactly what they needed. 
If you or someone you know is in need of assistance please contact us so we can help you make the right choice the first time!