According to statistics, more than 5,000 adult day centers are operating in the United States while providing care for more than 260,000 older Americans each day. Adult day centers offer a wide variety of healthcare services to the communities they serve. Services include meals, social activities, personal care, nursing/rehabilitation services and transportation assistance to and from the center. ADC's are required to have a nurse on staff and many offer case management services including a social worker when one is needed. ADC's also offer a much needed respite service to family members caring for a loved one at home by providing a safe and secure place while enhancing the overall quality of life for family caregivers as well as those needing care. About 80% of participants have some form of dementia, physical disability and a mental or developmental disability.

In 2014 the average cost to stay at an adult day center was $65 for an 8 hour day. However, some states have a Medicaid program that will pay for participants if they qualify. Many participants who use the ADC's are paying privately because typically it is not a service covered by Medicare. Although, there are certain Medicare Advantage Plan, that may be covered under Part C. There is also the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)  that is part Medicare/Medicaid and can provide financial support for seniors in a few states who qualify. 

The Veterans Administration also offers a program for service members in need of an Adult day center. Another source that may possibly pay for an ADC is long term care insurance and some cash value life insurances. 

Adult day centers are an important day-to-day services whose activities are designed to maintain health, increase self-esteem and enhance the overall quality of life for the participants and their families. 

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