Paying privately allows families who are financially able to receive in home nursing and care giving services for their loved one. Almost all agency model companies have some type of private pay program. However, there is now a service dedicated to helping families directly connect to caregivers who are looking for employment. To access this service go to, sign up for an account, and search your area by zip code to connect with a caregiver.

Paying privately does have it's benefits. By paying an agency directly the family doesn't have to worry whether or not the caregiver is bonded and most liabilities will fall on the company providing the service. Families are also able to receive the exact services they think are needed, such as bathing and dressing, light house keeping and errands so when a client signs up for private pay they establish their own care plan. When relying on state run programs such as Medicaid, the care plan that is established, including the hours authorized, are set up for you instead of by you.

Once the family has decided to pay privately for care the individual responsible for payment, referred to as the "POA", will be required to fill out paperwork to get services started. This process varies between provider companies, but it usually takes about 30 minutes. Please know, that it is not uncommon for companies to hire a specific caregiver for a given caregiving situation and it could take a few days for a caregiver to be assigned.

Having a caregiver serve clients in the comfort of their homes gives peace of mind to the families and the individual receiving the care. If feasible, paying privately allows for the greatest control and is an option that is best considered well in advance when planning for care.